engineered to be the best beach umbrella anchor, period.

Sand Badger

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Made for the Shade

SIMPLE to install & STRONG against the wind

Installs in less than 8 seconds – Strength tested against 35+ mph winds

No digging, screwing or hammering

Water does the work. Simply pour water from the bucket into the funnel, the Sand Badger sinks into the sand and comes to rest. The wet sand surrounds Sand Badger and dries, creating a firm hold.

-Will work with any typical beach umbrella-

-No metal parts -

-100% Made in the USA -

-Lifetime warranty-

The Sand Badger works equally well whether in firm or soft sand.
Watch the installation video.

Inspired by the need to help people. We provide a simple, safer way for anyone to setup an umbrella and enjoy beach life.





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We love Sea Turtles! You can help save these majestic sea creatures with us. For every Sand Badger purchased, a donation will be made to a sea turtle non-profit rescue center. Help us be a part of this important cause!